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Transforming The Future of Work: Mission Log

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As we flip the calendar from May to June, our team at Space Age Digital is starting a new chapter in our mission to help businesses successfully navigate the unprecedented shift occurring in the global workspace. As employees, employers, and businesses across all industries struggle to restart operations in a devastated economic landscape, we are hard at work developing strategies and protocols that have proved successful for our fully-remote organization.

Leading the charge are our three branches centered around eCommerce transformation, remote work transitions, and flexible workspace consulting. Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last month:


Retail Transformation

Ex Post Facto

The Space Age eCommerce team is dedicated to assisting retailers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help them transform their businesses by developing an online presence that allows for more resilient operations. 

Over the past few months our team has been focused on identifying key niches and markets that are best served by our services. This process brought along many challenges, especially considering our desire to identify and reach out to those businesses that are struggling most in the traditional retail space. 

With a short learning curve we have been able to develop a process where we conduct full audits of our potential clients and identify the areas of improvement that help our team build strong digital campaigns. Since conducting these audits, we have found success in the automotive industry by focusing on social media and eCommerce brand strategies.


Target Forward 

Our continued learning is moving our projects towards cannabis retailers, where our team is eager and excited to learn about this growing industry. Our goal is to have three clients in this space by the end of the month. 

A final goal for Space Age Retail Transformation going forward is learning how our team can utilize our strengths and skills in conducting pro bono work for some of the local businesses in Toronto. 

Brandon – Team Lead: Retail Transformed


Distributed Organizations

Ex Post Facto

The Distributed Orgs branch of Space Age Digital started the month of May with one goal in mind: To create a comprehensive webinar to launch our services into the content marketing stratosphere! As a team that is dedicated to consulting businesses on how to successfully transition to remote work, there’s a constellation of important topics to choose from. 

After much deliberation and given the major impact of COVID-19 on the traditional workspace setup, our team felt that it was imperative to cover the essentials of an effective shift to a distributed team. Our team settled on the topics of Virtual Leadership, Remote Collaboration, and Maintaining Productivity – topics that are all brand new to the companies without Remote Work experience.

With these topics in mind, our research and development team used their remote collaboration experience to start the framework of what will become Space Age’s launch into the galaxy of distributed organization consulting. On the front lines, our business development team got to work developing lead lists and various email/social media scripts to make sure that our webinar would broadcast across a multiverse of sectors.

 As the weeks went on, our lead gen scripts were tweaked and edited until they became pitch perfect, while the written and digital content for the webinar and its promotional social media posts was engineered to provide a seamless webinar launch. After multiple iterations, the webinar was ready. 

In a perfect display of the adaptable and agile nature of Space Age, our Distributed Organization team was recruited to help out Flexible Workspace crew with the building of its improved Hyperspace Sales Engine. Software troubleshooting and issues with Apps were only minor speed bumps in the road to success as the Digital Divisions bounced back and forth between manual and streamlined lead generation processes. With the assistance of tools like Apollo, Contactout, and Hunter.io, our impromptu adventure resulted in a significantly improved sales engine. 

Target Forward 

Our mission for June is to automate our Sales Engine to continue building up the efficiency of our outreach process. With this new and improved tool, Distributed Organizations hopes to extract the right candidates for our Webinar series and release it into the Cosmos! By collaborating with other branches of the Space Age Ethos we hope to uncover new planets of revenue while continuing to offer a wide spectrum of services to assist our clients. 

Patrick – Team Lead: Distributed Organizations


Flexible Workspaces

Ex Post Facto

May got off to a turbulent start for the Flexible Workspace crew as we prepared ourselves for our path to hyperspeed. Through collaboration with other digital teams, exploring different software solutions, and, of course, some trial and error, the team is finding its groove and we’re ready to reach for the stars!

During the past month, several of our past clients have reconnected with us for onboarding – ready to join us in the journey towards the “new normal” of flexible work arrangements. As cities across the world prepare a phased approach to opening up the economy, we will be positioned to help rethink more flexible workspace solutions. 

For SMBs and Enterprise level organizations alike, adopting a remote-hybrid model will help offset some of the financial – not to mention social – stresses of returning to work. Our research and past experiences have informed a Space Age approach that allows companies of all sizes to consolidate assets and offset expenses during this uncertain time. 

Target Forward 

In June, our team is looking forward to continuing the transmission of our message to enterprises interested in rethinking their workplace strategies. 

Susan – Team Lead: Flexible Workspaces

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