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The GOOD Lab: Mission Log – May 2020

By June 18, 2020 June 28th, 2020 No Comments

As our second month of action, May resulted in a lot of growth and learnings for the team over at the GOOD Lab. In getting set up and organized during the month of April, we were fully prepared to expand our outreach efforts and onboard two new charitable partners to our team, in addition to the three original charities we’d already built foundational relationships with. By the end of the month, we secured and onboarded three new charitable partners and also had introductory conversations with an additional five charities.

In expanding our reach, brand, and name, we’ve been able to make valuable connections in many different communities. In our efforts to expand our experiences and our portfolio, we’ve been able to help the organizations we’re working with expand their impact and direct action in the communities they serve. Along with that, the current circumstances of our world have encouraged me, as the team leader, to focus our outreach on non-profit organizations that serve frontline workers and the Black community.

As we move forward into June, the GOOD Lab is motivated and prepared to take a thorough approach in assessing the needs and goals of the charities we’re working with. In that, we’ll focus on grants and fundraising, digital marketing, and strategic innovation. Our actionables and interventions are largely determined by the requests of our charitable partners, as we respect their expertise of the communities they serve. Our direction moving forward is flexible and we’re prepared to adapt as needed to have the most impact in as many communities as possible. This month, we’ll utilize our team’s expertise as efficiently as possible to do the good work and help our charities help others.


Melanie Asselin
Team Lead, Philanthropy Partner

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