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SPACEPORT Membership App

SPACEPORT is the ultimate on-demand workspace experience for busy executives and teams. Multi-city convenience and flexibility in one global membership.

Enjoy frictionless daily access to your destination city’s best workspaces – all curated by Space Age.

Picture this: You get off your flight at JFK, having just arrived from Toronto, and hop an Uber to your recently-booked Manhattan office.

You walk in, are greeted warmly by the local reception staff, and are taken to the fully-prepped conference room (full of your guests) that you booked on SPACEPORT hours or days earlier. After a successful meeting, you work the rest of the day at your leisure at a satellite desk on-site.

This modern, convenient workday experience can soon be realized with Space Age’s SPACEPORT.

At Space Age, we believe the future of work is about having individuals and teams thrive in meaningful endeavors, and that culture and technology should serve those ends.

Our team is passionate about creating easier ways for modern workers to become empowered, and to ensure the technology we use serves us in an almost invisible, frictionless, and magical way.

Via SPACEPORT, we envision a future where on-demand access to flexible workspace enables both emergent and established teams to truly be global, regardless of where their headquarters happens to be.

We’re hard at work developing the pilot mobile app for SPACEPORT (Android and iOS). We will launch in New York/Toronto in Q1 2020, and then in Sydney/Melbourne for Q2.

Stay tuned because the future of work looks very bright!


Mobile Application

Beta Routes

Toronto to New York, Sydney to Melbourne.

What It Does

Seamlessly match remote teams and busy executives to local workspaces in select cities they regularly travel to.