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Captain’s Log: Gaia Star Date – June 2020 CE

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From Foundation to Proof Of Concept

After successfully accomplishing our foundational setup in April, the month of May began as our first voyage into proof-of-concept. Across the three branches of Space Age – Media works, Labs innovation, and Digital consulting – it was time to start probing into the business atmosphere. As a fully-remote company born out of the chaos of 2020’s first quarter, we were confident that our first hand experience and insight would provide much needed services to our fellows. 

Sales Engine Fired Up. After some trial and error with our new conceived Spaceship Sales Engine, we managed to crafted an effective sales funnel that allowed for a more streamlined and consistent lead generation process at Space Age. The turbulent start has settled and our business development teams are in dialogue with potential and returning clients in need of our consultancy services.

Labs Spotlight. The Labs teams also achieved significant traction in the form moving all our micro venture projects forward with the forerunner being TOFT Solutions: a home office package delivery service looking to provide an ergonomic home office infrastructure to the employees of businesses temporarily dispersed by the pandemic or those organizations now opting to make work from home a permanent reality for their teams. Product partners are deep into negotiations, package concepts have been developed, and an online presence is created in the form of a website and social media presence. TOFT’s concept was also validated by competitors that derived inspiration from our model, which is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery. 

Bottom Line. June will be the official launch month at Space Age. All branches are finding their groove and have shown agility and adaptability in their quick assistance of other teams. In an effort to promote our triple bottom line business philosophy of People, Planet, and Profit, we’ll continue creating informative content on the  future of work, philanthropy, food and health; develop brands that promote environmental stewardship; and, of course, refine our sales engine in order to drive revenue through our digital marketing and innovation services.


Training, Experimentation, and Optimization

In Space Age terms, our main focus in May was to complete our crews’ training and integrate them with our constantly improving Spaceship in real time. In plain business english, the focus for May was to educate our new team members on our processes, while researching and experimenting with those processes to optimize our sales engine. 

Zero Cost Automation. Our first experiment was building a manual, “zero cost” sales engine. Even though it proved to be very cost effective, there were problems with coordination, scalability, and lead quality. For the second attempt – which we are working on now and shows great initial promise –  we set out to build a low-cost, highly-automated sales engine. We will continue to research and experiment with this initiative to push it towards perfection. 

Challenges But Optimism. On the bright side, even though we failed to reach our original sales targets, we were able to bring in a few new clients. With a few improvements already in place, we will drive towards achieving our targets in June!


The Standardization Month of May

The focus during May was to activate standardization both internally and externally.

Internally. all project team leads participated in discussions on reporting and work management processes. We successfully implemented standard weekly reports and project lead meetings with 90% adoption in the first week, and 100% adoption by the second week! We have achieved moderate success in work management process implementation using tools like ClickUp. As we continue to use the tool, we are finding minor gaps in the process which we’ll address as we go along. 

Externally. the TPC branding team, Space Age branding team, and SCB implementation team have all worked hard on standardizing content creation processes, including article research, graphic design, thought leader interviews, written pieces, and more. While more work needs to be done, this standardization will enable us to deliver consistent content for our existing clients, and create scalable processes for future partnerships.



In the month of May, the THRUSTER Media team created a weekly content calendar to establish our schedule for creation, publishing, and delivery of our finished product.

Thought Leader Exploration. Our team conducted weekly video interviews with many personalities in the Future of Work space to provide a wide spectrum of perspective from other members of this rapidly evolving industry. The team also added an editorial content segment to our content strategy in an effort to provide context from a workforce with direct experience in a Future of Work organization. 

Experience Upgrades. Key projects for the upcoming month include optimizing the design and functionality of the THRUSTER website and continuing to develop an audience for our various social media platforms.  So visit us at instagram, twitter facebook or linkedin and say hi. We respond to every ch@t :)!

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