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Behind The Scenes ATOM Journal: Unlearn – The Mission

By May 14, 2020 May 25th, 2020 No Comments

The unprecedented context of online education as the most convenient tool to deliver instruction inspired Unlearn. 

When entering the e-learning market, it was important to consider 2 main factors:

  • Virtual education is no longer “novel”
  • The uncertainty of credibility in the context of anything “online”

For the former, even prior to the global lockdown, virtual education had always existed: online courses through various school boards and academic institutions, YouTube, downloadable education apps, and so on. In other words, people have always known that to learn anything and everything could be very much done online.  

So the question, then, persists: What was it about the online education world that had not yet come to life? 

The second important factor to consider when developing an LMS is the stigmatic skepticism that surrounds the idea of anything that exists online. That is, how do I know that I can trust this person teaching the course?  – or – Where can I find the best learning tools to better my skills?

To answer all these questions, Unlearn was born. Though still in its nebulous stage, Unlearn seeks to answer all the above questions, and more. The platform is an online learning management system that will algorithmically aggregate courses from all over the World Wide Web to give our users the best learning experience possible. 

So join us, as we unfasten – or “unlearn” – the seatbelts to the stigmas around online education, and navigate through a redefined curation of it.

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