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Behind The Scenes ATOM Journal: TOFT – M2

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We learned a lot in May. About the furniture industry, about the increasing trend of large corporations working from home, and about what we want to offer. We determined that TOFT fits beautifully with Space Age’s mission of being the future company.


We discovered how we can offer a simplistic approach to furniture shopping: hand-picking packages that are gathered from top commercial manufacturers and installed, leaving no extra work for our customers. 

We launched our website and our social media accounts @toftspace

\And we encountered some challenges. Through having conversations with dealers and manufacturers, we found that a big challenge is convincing customers that low-grade furniture is not healthy ergonomically, and will produce more waste since it lasts for a shorter period of time than commercially made furniture. 

However, we think TOFT can help educate people about the importance of ergonomics and staying healthy while working from home. We are encouraged by the positive response we have received from others in the furniture industry, and we’re confident that working from home is a huge part of the future of work. We’re on track to complete our next goal: finalize our furniture packages and find our first partners. 

Nikki & team TOFT


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