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Behind The Scenes ATOM Journal: TOFT – M1

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Ideation Phase: Month One – April 2020 Progress Summary

When one door closes (or in the case of Covid-19, the majority of them), another one opens. Here in the Space Age’s ATOM Lab, we are constantly seeking out new gateways to success and have found a gaping one in the Work From Home market.

While a sizable chunk of workers across many sectors have been laid-off due to social distancing protocols, another substantial amount find themselves working remotely at makeshift desks that just don’t feel quite right. Sure, working in these cozy spaces might be enjoyable for an afternoon, but over time productivity is bound to suffer. A drastic need for home office equipment and design resources has emerged in the marketplace. Enter Tailored Office Furniture & Technology (TOFT) solutions.

Since businesses are increasingly unable to bring employees into the office, we decided to bring the office to the employees instead.

As ungodly hours at make-shift desks are logged, the lab team developed a new-found appreciation for the functionality of traditional office layouts. The vision of TOFT began with a simple list of the staple items of every effective work space: desks, chairs, lighting, organizational equipment, and the electronics that make it all possible. Any attempt at sustained, nine-to-five productivity is futile without the union of these essentials. There are countless sore backs, tired eyes, and mountains of paper attesting to this fact.

But, just as no two people are the same, neither are two work spaces. Each person has their own little idiosyncrasies and needs that they incorporate into their spaces – offices included. We kept this in mind by outlining a service that allows for flexibility in choice while still maintaining practicality. 

Our research across successful interior design companies and social media pages shows that there are certain “office archetypes”. Creatives, Executives, and Technologists just to mention a few. Each of these archetypes have particular office space needs that may or may not coincide with the other. At TOFT, we aim to accommodate each by providing the office environment essentials any worker needs to flourish when working from home.

A key insight produced during one of our Brand-storming sessions was the characterization of TOFT’s services as an investment rather than simply a business expense.  

TOFT’s services allow for company employees across various industries to obtain the office equipment and layout tips they need to continue being effective during the uncertain times of social distancing and ever-changing future. By collaborating with experienced suppliers of premium, commercial-grade office furniture, we are tailoring specific packages that meet the diverse demands of a massive Work From Home population. 

In an effort to make these packages more accessible, we are exploring no-interest finance options that proved successful for companies like Pelaton, Endy, and Casper. TOFT believes that economic strain shouldn’t be a barrier companies face when fostering a productive workforce. 

As businesses prepare to reopen in an environment of economic uncertainty, TOFT is building the array of office packages and informative, inspirational content necessary to ensure businesses can seamlessly transition into the new age of Work From Home. Our recent partnership with high-end office furniture brand Herman Miller signals that the arrival of that new age has just been placed on fast-track. 

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