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Behind The Scenes ATOM Journal: Modern Saint – M1

By June 13, 2020 June 28th, 2020 No Comments

From just an idea in April, Modern Saint has now become a reality.
During the month of May Modern Saint has progressed substantially. The major milestone we reached was finding a reliable supplements supplier. This was the first step that triggered every other milestone reached thereafter. Once we figured out the best supplements that we
thought met our criteria in both quality and value, we built our two primary packages- an exclusive and an essentials package, and ordered one of each product to be sampled and used for a photoshoot.


Exclusive box set:
•Herbaland Multivitamins
•Herbaland Immune Plus
•Macrolife Greens
•Genestra HMF Women’s Daily

Essentials box set:
•Herbaland Multivitamins
•Herbaland Calcium and Vegan Vitamin D3
•Alora Naturals Omega-3’s
•Macrolife Greens


Next, our beautiful logo and brand guidelines were created by our talented team designer Kate Jung.



Once that was finalized we went ahead with creating customized products and packaging
We sourced a wonderful ethical Canadian packaging partner called Noissue to provide MS with compostable packaging and customizable stickers & mailers.
We sourced and co-designed Canadian made protective face masks by Protect Styles that use polyester wicking spandex fabric, with adjustable straps and filter pocket.


Our team members Roshini and Carolyn, did a great job at creating affirmations and recipes to include into our box sets, while I completed the workout plans.

In terms of learning, Roshini is now working hard learning how to navigate and use WordPress, so that they can hopefully build a Modern Saint webpage by the end of June.

After the social media pages (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) were built, team marketer Zhasmina has been doing a great job designing them. This should be done by the end of June as well.


One task that was a bit of a challenge during the month of May, and has been extended to June is finding a fulfillment company that is start up friendly.

The next up goals for June’s super sprint is to find a reliable fulfillment company. Also, we intend to receive all our samples, which includes the supplements, Noissue packaging, and Protect Styles face masks.

Based on our reviews on them, we will have our photoshoot and order them in bulk if satisfied. As mentioned, the Modern Saint webpage and social media pages should also be completed by the end of June.

With love,


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