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Behind The Scenes ATOM Journal: Heavenly Street – M2

By June 4, 2020 June 16th, 2020 No Comments
Heavenly Street became a brand in May. We learned a lot about sustainability practices and how we can make a difference by doing research and choosing the right partners. We defined Heavenly Street by completing our branding specifics and launching our website.


There were some questions that were tough to answer, and we had to ask for help. For example, we spoke with palm oil sustainability and orangutan conservation organizations, along with environmental scientists, about using palm oil and palm products in our soaps, and found the answer that we believe is the most sustainable. By partnering with the organization Palm Done Right, we are supporting a cause that uses palm oil with the most sustainable practices. Palm oil, when harvested correctly, is the most sustainable vegetable oil on the planet. We’re proud to be part of the Palm Done Right movement. Check out their website for their extensive certifications: 

We finalized some of our top soaps, and learned that our co-workers cannot draw stars: 

And we defined Heavenly Street as a brand and what we want it to represent:

Lastly, we realized that we can’t get everything right at the beginning. We’re still learning and growing. However, now we know that we can reach out for help about topics we’re not experts in, and we can create amazing partnerships just by starting a conversation. 

Our next goal is a big one: to launch pre-sales for our soap kits, and all the goodness that we want to include in our (eco-friendly) boxes! We also want to reach out to influencers and make more awesome connections. 

May the soap be with you, always,

Nikki & team

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