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Behind The Scenes ATOM Journal: Heavenly Street – M1

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Ideation Phase: Month One – April 2020 Progress Summary

In light of the recent blows to our healthcare system, economy, and collective psyche, there are many changes occuring. Legacy institutions, and many of their established protocols, have been exposed in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic. 

Now more than ever, we need innovators and trailblazers to step forward and provide solutions. Here at Space Age, sparks of growth are created at the intersection of entrepreneurship and local solutions.

In the collaborative pod that is Space Age’s ATOM lab, novel solutions are being developed for a rapidly-changing work-life landscape. Bright minds from diverse fields are coming together to launch a new phase of growth and prosperity that span across the Futures of Health and Work.

Recognizing that the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation products has skyrocketed, our team has been hard at work to find self-care products that will benefit customers, society, and the environment. Extensive market research shows an upward trend in demand for natural soap products: Those deemed safe from allergens, harmful animal testing, and irritant chemicals.  

After thorough comparison and deliberation, we were able to partner with a high-quality soap company from the United States that shares our dedication to satisfied customers, non-profit contribution, and minimal environmental impact.

But product selection is only the beginning. These days branding – the persona and story – is just as important as the features or benefits the product provides. So, we broke out the Miro mood board and got to work on creating a brand that captures the essence of a “Natural Clean.” Diving deep into the realm of personal hygiene products spurred the development of several potential brand names and hero stories.

As with most creative projects, there’s a lot of stress-testing and trial and error that goes into selection of The Name. Ideas are pitched, votes are taken, and, from out of the controlled chaos, a name appears: Heavenly Street. 

Another moniker for the Milky Way galaxy that unifies us, Heavenly Street represents reciprocity between the brand and its customers: We give them an enjoyable product and they are giving back to our brand, non-profit partners, and the environment! The name also fits perfectly with the brand’s Heavenly Trinity of outcomes: natural ingredients, eco-friendly processing, and a network of non-profit partnerships. 

With the Heavenly Street website launching shortly, the brand is preparing to take the natural soap market by storm. As the logistics of eCommerce fulfillment are being finalized, ATOM lab is developing the digital content, marketing campaign, and social media presence needed to propel Heavenly Street to a successful liftoff!

Stay Tuned. 

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