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Behind The Scenes ATOM Journal: Haven Nutrition, Inc.

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After tons of experimentation in the kitchen over the past few months we’ve come up with our first nutty, chocolatey superfood bar! Our shining ingredient for our first bar includes the Organic Wild Amazon Jungle Peanut, which grows in the Amazon Jungle. These nuts are beautiful heirloom nuts, wild crafted by the Shuar tribe of the Amazon. They are loaded with 40% heart healthy oleic acid and 26% protein (including amino acids like methionine).

Our other organic ingredients include:

  • 1.    100% Chocolate Raw Arriba Nacional Cocao Paste, Raw Arriba Nacional Cocao Butter, Vanilla Beans
    2.    Deglet Noor Dates
    3.    Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey by The Grain & Salt Society, Coarse Ground
    4.    Organic Walnuts
    6.    Almond Butter

Each on of our ingredients has been carefully thought out to meet our standards for nutrition, flavor, sustainability, and of course to be 100% certified organic.


The team unanimously decides to move forward with Emery’s original logo and branding concepts. Emery begins to blush. The team will now polish up the details and build out the brand identity guidelines and product marketing implementation.


The tricky part, as fun as it is to create tasty treats, there is a ton that goes into product development!

Key product development points:

  • Shelf stability
  • Food traceability from suppliers
  • Packaging materials
  • Food safety data sheets from suppliers
  • Food costing
  • Working with suppliers to shrink supply chain for cost efficiency
  • Labour rates/calculations
  • Margins
  • Overhead
  • Delivery costs
  • Administrative costs

Administrative & Social set-up:

  • Making as many social media accounts as possible! (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Youtube, TikTok etc.)
  • Incorporate, open bank accounts, domain purchase, set up emails, set up website hosting, register with wholesalers, set up accounting software, set up merchant services etc.

As much as some of this can be tedious, getting it done right in the beginning can be a huge life saver as the history of Haven progresses. We’ve been able to knock most of these off our list!


Having a team of talented people in digital marketing, research, design, strategies, product development and general entrepreneurship  etc. IS the way to launch businesses! We are a team of highly talented and motivated individuals. Getting a team functioning like a well-oiled machine takes A LOT of communication, with clear objectives, and clear deadlines.


Show me the money! Grants Grants Grants! Launching a product-based food business from scratch has an upfront cost, but it is nothing we haven’t and will continue to figure out.

Next Up

Produce! Getting our ingredients in to the kitchen and producing our fist batch of bars! Identifying where we need to improve, perfecting the process, perfecting the shape, and getting us closer to our final product so we can start selling!

Smooth chocolate finish, shape, and refined taste. Great taste profile – not too salty or sweet but complex, rich and delicious. 

In our July Journal entry will be sharing more of the back story of Haven and product shots showing the evolution of the bar to the latest go-to-market culinary cut!

Deliciously nutritiously yours,
Karen, Emery & Team

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